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FuzzyHeads® Product Licensing

The FuzzyHeads® character is copyrighted and the name is a registered trade mark of Bear in Mind Co.  The character and name are available for licensing opportunities including exclusive arrangement for select cases.

• Media & Print:  reading & coloring books, cartoons, posters, wall art, iPad® background image
• Clothing:  pajamas, underwear, socks, house slippers, stocking hats
• Bath:  towels, bath toys, wash mitt
• Linens:  pillow cases, sheets, comforter covers
• Party accessories:  paper cups & plates, birthday & holiday cards, wrapping paper, candles
• Dishware:  sippycup, plates, silverware, chop sticks
• School:  backpacks, pencils, notepads, sticky notes, folders
• Key chains
• Flash drives
• Coffee mugs
• T-shirts
• Hospital scrubs
• Necklace & bracelet charm

For additional information regarding product licensing, please contact us at licensing@plaidsquirrel.com with your idea(s).  We look forward to expanding the FuzzyHeads ® brand with new and unique products.