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Enough is Enough

Troy Shull did everything right as he planned for a career as an electrical engineer. He studied the subject in college and earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering at Southern Methodist University. He even notched an MBA from the University of Texas. For more than the next two decades, he was employed in the profession.

Today, he runs a company called Plaid Squirrel that sells plush toy pillows called FuzzyHeads. Read more..


TTPM Review of Pink Penny and J. Aldaway


FuzzyHeads Lil' Fuzzy Pink Penny from Plaid Squirrel

What It Is

FuzzyHeads is a new line of soft toys that are part pillow and part stuffed toy. They come in three sizes: the nine-inch Lil' Fuzzys, 16-inch Fuzzys, and 24-inch Big Fuzzys. There are a variety of different FuzzyHeads characters, and each one comes with his or her own personal bio. Characters include Pink Penny, the fashionista of the crew, and J. Aldaway, who dreams of being a professional basketball player. FuzzyHeads are made of a high-quality plush with a soft furry top.

Is It Fun?

FuzzyHeads are super soft and would make great cuddle companions for boys and girls. The toys' bright eyes and warm smiles are simple in design, and the tubular shape is ideal for snuggling whether at home or on the go.

Who It’s For

FuzzyHeads are for ages birth and up. However, it's not recommended that you put toys in the crib with babies under the age of 6 months.

What To Be Aware Of

FuzzyHeads are machine-washable. It's recommended that you wash them in cold water and tumble dry on low. Read more

FuzzyHeads: Perfect Pillows for Kids and Travel!

We’re going to be taking a long road trip for our summer vacation. I’m so excited to get to our destination, but I’m not looking forward to those long hours in the car. With two ten-year-olds along for the ride, I know I’m going to hear a lot of “Are we there yet?” “When can we stop?” and “My brother’s bothering me!” One way to alleviate the whining in the back seat is to make sure that the kids are as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, I found out about FuzzyHeads! Read more from Susan Heim, parenting author and editor for "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

FuzzyHeads are Cuddly

Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!!!!! OHMYGOODNESS!!! These are super cute FuzzyHeads!! Cuddly, oh so very, VERY SOFT, cuddly buddies!  These are SO soft, SO cuddly that three year old Alice had a complete and TOTAL melt down when we couldn’t find hers at bedtime!! HOLY MOLY!! Pink Penny has been Alice’s constant companion since she arrived!! The MOST cuddly toy yet! Read more

FuzzyHeads Cute Plush Toys for Kids

As soon as Pink Penny arrived, she was in Gianna’s hands. Seriously, my grand daughter took Pink Penny every where with her, including to preschool for several days. Read more

Kathy's Savings

Do your kids enjoy stuffed animals? My kids usually have a couple that they like to sleep with at night. Have you ever had a stuffed animal that can also become a pillow? My daughter has one of those but unfortunately she doesn’t really use it much. When I heard of the FuzzyHeads, I knew I had to get one for my daughters. Read more...

Missi Rose's Views

Summer road trips can be so much fun, but what about a tired, cranky child in the backseat? As a parent of four awesome kids, I can tell you that it's much more peaceful to have a comfy, sleeping child while navigating a long drive. Read more....

Momma Drama

FuzzyHeads are an exciting new stuffed toy that are cute, cuddly, and functional. Not to mention they star in their very own book! I was introduced to FuzzyHeads last week and am very excited to be able to share them with you. There are three different sizes available; the Lil' Fuzzys are 9", Fuzzys are 16", and the Big Fuzzys are 24". Read more....

Mama Like This

Meet Lime Larry! Isn’t he adorable? This little cutie is meant to be hugged and loved by boys and girls. FuzzyHeads are a new line of plush pillow toys. There are three different sizes – Lil’ Fuzzys (9″, as shown), Fuzzy’s (16″) and Big Fuzzys (24″). The characters also star in a storybook and there are matching bookmarks, too. Read more....



FuzzyHeads receive Mom's Choice Awards

The FuzzyHeads receive a Mom's Choice Awards in the toys, puzzles, and games category.

Toy Industry Association - Inventor Inspirations

How bed head hair led to Toy of the Year............. Read more

2013 Plush Toy of the Year

The 2013 Creative Child Awards Program consisting of moms and educators has awarded the FuzzyHeads with the 2013 Plush Toy of the Year.

2012 Top Toy of the Year

FuzzyHeads receive 2012 Top Toy of the Year from Creative Child Magazine.

Baby Elan Daily

I’ve found a great new company to share with you today!  Straight out of Plano TX!  We LOVE american made products! Read more

Mommy Review 

 If you are looking for a unique travel pillow or stuffed doll for a gift I would suggest a FuzzyHead. Read more

Dallas Morning News - Laid-off workers are becoming their own bosses

Troy Shull of Plano had trouble finding work after being laid off by a semiconductor company in 2010, so he fell into a new pattern with his Plaid Squirrel business. He makes and sells plush blankets, pillows and toys. Read more

Baby Elan Daily 

Kids love feeling special.  It is fun boosting their self esteem and cheering their accomplishments, however small or gigantic. It seems the older our little angels get the more they are into picking out their own clothes, voicing their opinion about how their hair should be cut or even what color paint they want painted in their bedroom.  Read more

Creative Child - FuzzyHead DJ Jenna 

Kids love the FuzzyHeads™ plush toy pillow when watching TV, riding in the car, or taking a nap. Moms like the FuzzyHeads™ because they travel well, have no choking hazards and are machine washable. Read more

Interview with Plaid Squirrel at Les Boutique de Noel 

Troy Shull of Plaid Squirrel was recently interviewed at Les Boutique de Noel and discussed the FuzzyHeads plush toy pillows that he created. 


Scenes from Main Street Market 

Machine washable FuzzyHeads from Plaid Squirrel are available for purchase during the Main Street Market on Thursday, November 29, 2012. Read more

Kids and Baby Design Ideas - My Review of the FuzzyHeads 

I’m the father of two beautiful twins, both a boy and a girl. They recently turned three years old and have started to form their own opinions about what they like and dislike. You’d think that since both children are the same age, they’d have similar interests, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. . Read more